Firefox installed by default (linux)

I’m running some browser tests which perform snapshot testing against element screen captures in the browser. Unfortunately for one of my elements this does not work in Firefox on Travis CI (differences in rendering on Travis vs local). Recently Travis CI started installing Firefox on the linux platform. Is it possible for me to add an option to .travis.yml to say that firefox should not be installed? My current work-around is to enable sudo and use a custom install script which runs sudo rm $(which firefox) before npm install.

To have a better understanding of your situation, could you post a link/URL to a build to check which image you are using exactly? Thanks! shows the first build that failed for this reason. The build log says:

Installed Firefox version
firefox 63.0.1

Since then the build against master now contains the command to delete the firefox bin which works around my issue but I assume it would be better if I could avoid needing sudo.

Thanks for providing this link.

It seems this started happening because your builds were migrated from our Trusty image to Xenial because you don’t specify a dist: in your .travis.yml file.

You can go back on Trusty by adding dist: trusty, otherwise you’ll need to keep your workaround if you want to stay on Xenial.

Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope this helps!

I feel like holding back the distribution is a bad option so I guess I’ll just leave the workaround in place. Thanks for the information.

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