Travis build wont start

I added the .travis.yml file and no builds start… tried comiting multiple times but it doesn’t trigger anything.

Here is my travis.yml code:
language: csharp
solution: LOG330-Lab.sln
- sudo apt-get install nunit-console
- nuget restore LOG330-Lab.sln
- nunit-console LOG330-LabTests/bin/Release/netcoreapp2.0/LOG330-LabTests.dll

I keep getting build config is required in the requests tab, so no requests are passing.

Which repo are you trying to build?

the LOG330-Lab, the one where all the requests haven’t passed

That’s not a complete repo name. If you are having trouble with course work at a school, I suggest asking for help from your instructor.

This kind of things happen when you have a syntax error in your yml.
Check everything carefully, even spacing.

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I did and he didn’t help me. The complete repo name is mikaelsauriol5/LOG330-Lab.

I have the same script as my freind but i run on osx. His works and mine doesnt and i don’t know why. I’m still getting the build config error. Here’s my new script:

language: csharp
solution: LOG330-Lab.sln
mono: none
os: osx
dotnet: 2.0.0

  • dotnet restore
  • dotnet test

In the requests page, you should see this message:

Build config file is required via repository settings, but config is empty.