Travis build gets not triggered for single julia version


yesterday i changed my (working) travis yaml. The only change i made was reducing
the julia build versions to the latest release only:
- 1.1
After that change my build gets no longer triggered on travis after pushing to github.
In TravisCI i can see only the Request under “more options -> Requests” with the message: Build config did not create any jobs
When i add back a second Julia version like:
- 1.0
- 1.1
build jobs for both versions are triggered again. Full travis yml is here:

I don’t understand that behaviour. I also noticed that the Julia 1.0 build takes much more time than the 1.1 build. In fact it times out since a few days, which was the reason why i wanted to remove it.
Can anybody give me a hint how to fix that or at least explain that behaviour?

Thanks in advance!

When you use jobs.include (and its alias matrix.include) to define a build, the base is honored if and only if there are more than one jobs there. This is due to the assumption that, when you use jobs.include, it is the sole means of configuring the build.

The ignored build request (e.g., defines a job in jobs.include which is dropped because the if condition (line 40) is not met. No jobs therefore remains, and the build request is rejected.

Thank you @BanzaiMan, that makes sense!

For completeness: If you have only one job in the base that’s ignored because of jobs.include, it is straightforward to roll that one job into jobs.include. For example:

  - '1.1'
    - # this defines a job in the default "Test" stage with inherited properties
    - name: "Change check"
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