Build config did not create any jobs


my travis build is no longer triggered anymore. My travis file is here:
It shows up under “Requests” in TravisCI with the message: “Build config did not create any jobs” but no build is triggered. The last change i did which might have caused this was reducing the Julia version for building to the latest one only. I can’t see why this should cause the above error.
Can anybody help me finding the cause?

Thanks in advance!

I had a similar experience with Python when I specified only one version. If I specified two versions, including the same version twice, it worked. Furthermore, specifying the same version twice results in only one task.

("Build config did not create any jobs" when only one version of python is specified)

Please link to an affected build (the Requests page in your case). looks okay.

You can now test your .travis.yml and see what jobs it would create at