Status checks randomly broken

Hello, randomly Travis CI status checks on PRs gets never received.
On the PR request I have that message: continuous-integration/travis-ci Expected — Waiting for status to be reported.
However in Travis CI the build has succeeded but GitHub skipped it.

My PR builds are not getting a status update on GitHub either.

The CI build completed:

I see this also:

I think I will move to GitHub Actions for PR status checks cause it’s really annoying to have to disable branch securities then force merge then rearm branch security

Already checked this post but on my repository only the

exists in Branch protection.

This means that you don’t have the newer Github App integration installed.

Check if you have “Travis CI” in and if it’s enabled for all repositories.

Normally, it’s installed when you grant Travis access to your Github account. So you can revoke grants at and sign up at Travis again.

If you are using (you didn’t specify that or give any links so can’t say), you may need to reset Travis integration for each affected project to get the new logic.

You might also need to fully migrate affected projects to at (I had a project that was enabled at both sites; this typically doesn’t work so well).

I’m using as my project is open source. I already had reset the github apps for the reporsitory and it is still random. The thing is it’s not always broken it’s just randomly broken. That means some times status checks are reported sometimes not. Anyway now the project is using GitHub Actions to validate the state of PRs and so far no more issues.
I’ll keep travis but only as a way to quickly broadcast coverage data (I made the build script much lighter as the core is now migrated to GitHub Actions) and also maintain public build logs (which is a defect of GitHub Actions)