On a PR: Some checks haven't completed yet ... waiting for status to be reported


At https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/pull/1558 we have a PR that’s stuck in “waiting for status to be reported” mode.

As per the issue thread Known Issue: Travis CI reports "Expected - Waiting for status to be reported" on the GitHub Status API, but the status never arrives I’m opening a new thread because the supplied remedy can’t be applied to our repo.

The remedy says that under the repo Settings >> Branch Protection Settings we should change from the deprecated continuous-integration/travis-ci to one or both of Travis CI - Pull Request and Travis CI - Branch. I am unable to do this because those choices are not offered:

What do we do?

I managed to overcome this random issue by rerunning the entire build. Sometimes, it took multiple reruns… Frustrating yes, but unblocks the pull request eventually.

ok, in time it seems to have resolved itself. I’m still left wondering why I don’t see the other options specified in the Remedy. Maybe someone could update that post to match the current world.

Still seeing this issue on my PR in a repo I’m an admin of: https://github.com/aws/aws-xray-sdk-java/pull/135

I’ve restarted the build 3 times and it’s had no effect.