Slack Notifications stopped coming from Travis Build

Suddenly, I stopped receiving build notifications from Travis CI into my Slack Channel. Now, I regenerated the token also, changed it in Travis.yml file, but still not getting a notification on the slack channel. Please help me asap.


Same here! Not getting notifications starting today!

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Yes exactly… Notifications stopped today only.

Not only Slack, webhooks are not being delivered either for me

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Same here. Tried regenerating the token, changing the slack channel, added a new Travis CI app to Slack workspace, completely changed to another workspace, changed travis.yml config multiple times.
Nothing seems to work.

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Same here since august 19th ! Everything was working fine until august 18th.

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Got this from support yesterday:

We have already detected the issue related to the build notifications triggered by webhooks or slack and we are currently working on it. Once we have solved this issue we will be letting you know upon this case.


This is a really long time to have a service being down.
[paying customer here] Its affecting production deployments…

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They’ve just responded to our support ticket saying this issue is resolved. I can confirm it is resolved, at least for us.

Webhooks were not firing for ~72 hours, on paid accounts, and it was never reported on the Travis status page.

@Travis-CI-Staff Can you acknowledge this please? I agree, 72 hrs and the system was labelled perfectly fine. Also it wasn’t easy finding this thread, so a system message on the status page when critical parts of the system are down would be helpful.

Hello, everyone.

We apologize for the long delay and the lengthy malfunction that affected your workflow.

There was a networking issue that manifested in this issue, which affected only the repositories on .com; this has now been resolved. Notifications are working as expected.

We will publish a postmortem in the near future.

Thank you.

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A related issue happened on the same day, @BanzaiMan can you help out over here Travis forgets org permissions every logout