Previously functioning Slack integration now outputs the key used

We’ve used Travis CI for a while, with this snippet at the end of our .travis.yml:

  slack: ourcompany:ourkey

This has worked fine for years, but today (with no changes to our Travis config), instead of putting the build results into Slack, it put our integration key!

Travis CI 12:36:
Build x of x by x passed in 18 min 10 sec

Travis CI 16:35:

It’s worth pointing out the message still had the green highlight of a successful build, and happened at the same time a build successfully finished.

Any ideas what caused this weirdness?

Thanks for reporting. We had a bad deploy for about 90 minutes earlier today. We’ve fixed this now, so this should not happen again. If you can, we ask that you rotate the token.

Thank you!

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