My commits don't trigger build

What do I need to do to fix ignored commits by travis? I’ve tried to remove my project from Travis App but that didn’t solve the issue, Do I need to remove the application and then add it again?

I’ve tried to remove the project from the application save it and then adding it again and save it, but this didn’t solve the issue. Also sync with GitHub didn’t triggered build on last commit.

Hey @jcubic,

What’s the repo in question? Could you try disabling and re-enabling Travis CI on this repo? It’s hard to say without seeing the .travis.yml and your file structure why this is happening.

I had the same issue on an OSS repo, and going to Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence/requests showed the requests were rejected.

Probable cause appears to be a recent migration from and not having chosen a plan, so zero credits being available.