Xcode 11.7 support

Dear Travis team, could you add an image with Xcode 11.7, since it’s already available - https://developer.apple.com/documentation/xcode-release-notes/xcode-11_7-release-notes

Done! :slight_smile:

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Hi Mustafa, thanks for your reply.

True, but unfortunately it still uses Xcode 11.7 BETA 1, despite Xcode 11.7 is out of beta and is already officially released(please refer to the link in my post above). Unfortunately, it is not possible to use beta for production needs. Could you please update the environment to use the released Xcode 11.7 version instead of beta?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Are there any updates on this? xcode11.7 image still uses the BETA version of Xcode 11.7 :frowning: It is not possible to use the beta version for production needs…

Hi @mustafa, could you give any update when Xcode 11.7 (Release, not Beta version) will be available? For more details, please refer to my comments above.

Hey @valeriy-k,

FYI. Apple ‘promoted’ the beta to the GM version. They both have the same build version 11E801a .