Request regarding Timeout Extension for ARM64 Builds


I have been trying to add tests for scipy for ARM64 in Travis-ci .The whole build+test suite consumes more than 50 minutes to complete .

Please have a look at the build :

Current timeout limit to finish a job in arm64 is 50 minutes, but that is a bit low for arm64 builds.
I’m estimating it will take around 1 hour 20 minutes .

Is there a way to request extension of timeout limit for arm64 ?

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Ping @Michal It will be really helpful if you could help out with the timeout issue.

You can request timeout extension for a project on . It’s considered on a case by case basis, naturally.

Given the introduction of Build Stages and Workspaces though, you can now split a build into multiple consecutive jobs, virtually eliminating the need for this.