Adaptative timeout for FOSS projects?

11 out of the 20 latest PHP Github PR builds failed due to the 50 mn timeout:
the timeout that should limit resource consumption instead incites to rebuild and rebuild to get a chance to pass.

Of course I’m sure PHP could get a graceful timeout extension,
but couldn’t a more general solution be conceived?
Let’s say, “timeout set to the duration of the longest of the 20 latest builds, + 10 mn (or 10 %)”.

This could even help reduce execution time, if applied to less-than-50 mn build (let’s say a project used to build in 20 mn would get a timeout of 30 mn, thus detecting stalled build in 30 mn instead of 50 mn).

Hi @Guillaume,

After some doing some research on the backend - I don’t see this happening anymore.