Timeout extension for arm64 builds

I have been trying to add tests for pandas-dev for arm64 in travis-ci .
Due to absence of wheels for numpy on arm64, the whole build+test suite consumes more than 50 minutes to complete .
here is the build :

current timeout limit to finish a job in arm64 is 50 minutes, but that is a bit low for arm64 builds.
I’m estimating it will take 1 hour 20 minutes .

Is there a way to request extension of timeout limit for arm64 ?

(The first few sentences from the below post apply to you)

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python -m pip install --no-deps -U pip wheel setuptools

This part in your code takes time, right?

How about using deb packages conditionally instead of python -m pip install, for example for only cases that take longer time?

In my understanding, pip install compiles binaries from the source code. But apt-get install just installs compiled binaries.
I think this saves much time.

sudo apt-get -yq install python3-pip python3-wheel python3-setuptools


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Hi @ossdev07

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll contact you via DM about build times. Please take into consideration tips from @native-api and @junaruga (much appreciated!) - they’re spot on on speeding up your build, which not only allows to avoid timeout issues, but above all shortens your own time of waiting for the build to come through.

Happy building!