"repository not known to https://api.travis-ci.org/" at `travis compile`

I’m trying to get a more reproducible dev test script that doesn’t involve making and pushing a branch to invoke Travis remotely. I’d also like to avoid having to manage multiple diverging testing environments through multiple script.

I’ve gotten to the point of trying to convert .travis.yml -> build.sh from https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-build

Running ~/.travis/travis-build/bin/travis compile 2 fails with

repository not known to https://api.travis-ci.org/: alephzero/alephzero

I don’t know why my repository is not know, but I don’t even want it checked. I want it to use the local code and completely ignore the repo.

How do I do that?

(emphasis mine)

Your project is at https://travis-ci.com. So you need to specify the --com or --pro option to CLI commands that talk to it.

$ ~/.travis/travis-build/bin/travis compile --com 2
> not logged in - try running travis login --pro

$ ~/.travis/travis-build/bin/travis compile --pro 2
> not logged in - try running travis login --pro

regardless, I want to use the code in the current directory. I don’t want to pull anything.

I don’t know why travis compile needs to access your project. You can check its source code to find out if you want – that will also give an answer whether it’s possible to avoid that.