Repeatable "failed to upload workspace" error

We have a build where a job on the first stage populates a workspace that other jobs on further stages depend on.
The step to package and upload the workspace seems to be failing consistently_

Creating workspaces
Workspace: mavenLocal
0.00s1.64sadding /home/travis/.m2 to workspace
adding /home/travis/.ivy to workspace
creating directory /home/travis/.ivy
adding /home/travis/build/akka/akka-grpc/runtime/target to workspace
adding /home/travis/build/akka/akka-grpc/codegen/target to workspace
adding /home/travis/build/akka/akka-grpc/scalapb-protoc-plugin/target to workspace
0.00s4.65schanges detected, packing new archive
uploading 215583966/mavenLocal.tgz
failed to upload workspace

Is that a general transient error affecting all users? Is there a console/logs where I can find more information regarding the cause of the issue?



Is this possibly related to Can't clear caches as 'Caches' settings page empty - #8 by BanzaiMan ?

The same job that fails to upload the workspace also fails to upload the cache. :thinking:

We are hit by the same - failed to upload workspace + failed to upload cache. Sent our CI and whole team in emergency mode and making up distraction tasks.

Wiping cache did not help, trying different branches/new branches etc. No changes to .travis.yml config were made and started happening about 3 hours ago.

Having the same issues, both failed to upload workspace and failed to upload cache.


Is this still occurring?

-Montana (Travis CI Staff)


Yes, it’s still failing, both workspace and cache uploading.

Thanks in advance @Montana

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We have similiar issues with cache.

Same situation here

“failed to upload workspace”

Same here, workspace and cache fail to upload

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Also experiencing this in GitHub - scala/scala: Scala 2 compiler and standard library. For bugs, see scala/bug

The issue seems to have resolved some time this morning.

Hey all,

The issue was resolved. If you are still experiencing this issue, please post back and I myself, and support will look into it further.


We’re still experiencing the issue with the latest build on our repository: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence.

Hi @SimeonGerginov,

I will forward this to support internally.

Hi @Montana,

Any update on why the build is failing ?

Hi, we currently have 3 Pull Requests which builds are failing due to the same reason - failed to upload workspace.

Here is a list of the failing builds: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

Hi @SimeonGerginov,

Have you filed a ticket with support yet?

No, I haven’t, can you list me the steps on how to report this issue to support ?

Hi @Montana,

I’ve written an email to the support team, describing the issue, as I didn’t found any other wait to file a ticket. Please let me know if there is another procedure for filling a ticket.