Receiving too many emails

We’re still running into a bug that’s mentioned in, where we have both allow_failures and fast_finish enabled, so we receive an email for every build that finishes. Can you change the behavior so that it only sends us one email unless the subsequent build statuses are failures?

Here’s the faulty .travis.yml:

Can also confirm. I am also using fast_finish and allow_failures . This really ought to be fixed.

The behavior I would like is:

  • One email on success/failure of the main rows (already have this).
  • Only if the main rows succeeded, one email from each allow_failures row, when:
    • It fails.
    • The row’s build status changes from failure to success.

Here’s another example of an affected .travis.yml:

and the builds are found here:

As can be estimated from the number of build rows, successful builds of this project generate 8 emails each at the moment, one for the three required rows, and seven more, one for each row allowed to fail, when each succeeds.