Not getting an email notification when a job fails


I have the most basic CI/CF pipeline. I’d very much like to receive an email when it fails. Unfortunately, sometimes this email doesn’t arrive. Am I the only one having this issue?

Last time it failed today. After noticing it by accident, I fixed the problem and then got an email with the title: Passed: username/repo#123 (master - 12ab34c). So emails are configured, it’s just that emails about failures don’t always arrive.

Am I the only one having the problem? I hope that it can be made reliable. I can write a monitoring script for this but it seems to me like a basic feature that should just work.


Hey @justanotheranonymous,

Is this still happening?

I guess so… my build doesn’t fail right now, but I’ve been noticing this issue for a long time now. I think you can test this by breaking and fixing a build a several times, and checking whether all of the mail arrive.

Happened again yesterday, so it surely does. No email when it was broken, and no email when it was fixed.