Issue: Receiving duplicated status email notifications

This is very similar to, but since that issue is 6 years old, it seemed fair to open a new one.

It’s been a few weeks that I systematically receive two duplicated email notifications for Travis builds. The emails are typically sent almost immediately after each other and would look like that:

An example to one of those build would be:

Contrary to the mentioned issue I do not use allowed_failures nor fast_finish. So I assume there is a unrelated bug in Travis itself.

Is there any way to stop receiving duplicated notifications ?

You have Ecodev/chez-emmy enabled on both .com and .org. So you get two notifications.

The same applies for Ecodev/natural.

Yes, you are right ! I should have noticed that myself. Thank you ! :grinning:

I also joined the beta so hopefully I will be able to migrate things more easily and clean up the confusion.