Re-running a successful build from 8 months ago now consistently fails with MySQL failing to start?

all current builds - of which the link below is an example are failing due to MySQL not starting.

It times-out here;

+ dockerize -wait tcp://opencats_test_mariadb:3306 -wait http://opencats_test_web:80 -timeout 30s
2022/06/30 10:04:25 Waiting for host: tcp://opencats_test_mariadb:3306
2022/06/30 10:04:25 Waiting for host: http://opencats_test_web:80
2022/06/30 10:04:25 Received 200 from http://opencats_test_web:80
2022/06/30 10:04:55 Timeout after 30s waiting on dependencies to become available: [tcp://opencats_test_mariadb:3306 http://opencats_test_web:80]
+ php modules/tests/waitForDb.php
Timeout while waiting for the DB and database.

this is a build from a few months back that was successful but now fails. MySQL just doesn’t start. I’m not overly familiar with travis-ci, so if there are some obvious things to check, please shout!

Travis config

and the test scripts;

I appreciate config in travis.yml needs to be updated - but for now… MySQL not running is the issue!


Hey there,

There have been many changes on the Xenial image in 8 months, this includes the Docker version as well. It seems like you are trying to run MySQL instance within the docker container, so I would recommend you to check the log diff between your last green and first red build job, this might give some ideas about the failure.

Also, you can use MySQL as a service within Travis CI machines as well.

Just to close this one off, MariaDB fails to start at the most recent version, so for now have pinned at v10.6. Seems to be some config changes needed in 10.7 for compression plugins. Compression Plugins - MariaDB Knowledge Base