Network issues in MacOS - Random

Hi, I am facing network timeout issue in my travis build which is running in macOS
Background: I use travis to run my automation suite where I spin browsers and run my test suite. Few test cases fail because of these network issues. In my test report there are few tests failed and the screenshot shows network issue.
This is the OS configuration
os: osx
language: java
jdk: oraclejdk11
osx_image: xcode10.1

As advised in some blog, I am using the below addon in my travis, but still I face the network issue. I tried to find any error in my build logs but I am not sure what I should look for.
retries: true

Below is the error which I got in my report screenshot

Please can someone share your thoughts.

Hi @sridhar131989, which version of macOS are you running?

Hi @miker256, thanks for your reply, this is the version
osx_image: xcode10.1 which is macOS 10.13
I also tried with this version osx_image: xcode9.4 but no luck. I still get network issues sometimes.

Have you tried running the latest osx_image for Travis which would be macOS 10.14.

Thanks @miker256 it worked like a wonder, after using this version macOS 10.14
I don’t see errors because of network issues. I will keep an eye on this for couple more days to see if it doesn’t appear again.

@miker256 Earlier I see atleast 4 failures in my build but after upgrading to macOS 10.14 is see one failure consistently in each build. This issue is not gone completely.