R missing on Xenial

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First, thank you for the awesome tool and the continued community support for Travis CI. It is a very helpful tool in my projects.

I have recently noticed this error. The test fails specifically when I’m trying to prepare the R environment. I have contacted customer support and they suggested me to open a ticket and mention @jeroen and @jimhester . I hope you can give me some suggestions.

Here is the link to the failing test.


Previously, with this setting, the test should continue. So I’m wondering whether there are any changes to the system that could cause the error. Should I modify my Travis config file?

This is the project page if helpful:


Thank you

@jeroen @jimhester Here’s a PR that shows PATH change made by the installation logic.

It looks like /opt/R/4.0.0/bin is not being added to PATH here. This PR will allow to see what’s happening instead.

Thank you for the information. Currently, is there any user-side solution to this?

Add /opt/R/*/bin to PATH manually.

Thank you @native-api Actually that does not fix my problem and the same issue remains. I made a request to turn on the Debug mode to connect the server. I found that the path does not exist. Hmmmm…

travis@travis-job-d9844f42-b017-45e7-aeaa-af2012627cc2:~/build/Weiming-Hu/AnalogsEnsemble$ ls /opt/R
ls: cannot access ‘/opt/R’: No such file or directory

Any ideas? I appreciate your help.

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Okay, found it. Look here: https://travis-ci.com/github/Weiming-Hu/AnalogsEnsemble/jobs/380818890#L801

r-4.0.2 package is being uninstalled when you install g++-5. They must be incompatible or something.

You can run the g++-5 installation manually with -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=yes to get more information why Apt is deciding so.

AFAICS, g++-5 is installed as part of R installation (so that R can build packages from source). So you don’t need to install it explicitly unless you have special needs.
The g++-5 package from ubuntu-toolchain-r/test must be incompatible with the stock package and causes uninstallation or replacement of everything that depends on it, including r.

It’s good to know that g+±5 is already installed. I don’t have any other specific requirements. Let me remove the installation of g+±5 and try again. Thanks.

So the problem is g+±5 installation. After I remove g+±5 installation, R test is complete with no problem. Thank you very much.