Qt support on Windows



AppVeyor have Qt pre-installed in the build environment, would love to see this on Travis as well.

Feedback from Windows integration for a CMake + Qt + C + Python + Perl project

Would be great to have Qt pre-installed or at least a simple way to get it. Chocolaty seems to offer only up to 5.3 version.

Is there currently any way to get Qt installed?


Pushing for visibility.
While it’s possible to use the official Qt installer, it’s by no means ideal.
I have to use --verbose to circumvent the timeout which leads to very long logs, and the build time on windows is more than twice that of other os’.


You can use start_spinner and stop_spinner from https://github.com/matthew-brett/multibuild/blob/2f4d24d337c3fd5b886cb4669ef2e4ff647c15b5/common_utils.sh#L28-L53 to circumvent the timeout instead.


Thanks, but does not work for me, same as travis_wait.
The logging on windows seems to be kind of off, if i don’t use --verbose my build will seemingly fail already at the previous command, whose output will not be completely synced.


If you’re about https://travis-ci.org/sgsaenger/vipster/jobs/465930517 (you didn’t give me anything to work off of, so I had to guess), the error seems to be triggered by no output on stdout – all status messages are written to stderr.


That’s the one where i tried your method, correct.
I’ve tried the same functions without stderr redirection and got the same behavior:
Do you have an example where it works on windows?


If I cover wget by the spinner, too…


Hah, would you look at that. Seems to shave off a few minutes, too.
Thank you very much!


Still won’t work for me. Directly copied your changes, but still hangs as before with no trace of the spinner.
Maybe it’s a discrepancy between travis-ci.org and .com?


Very probable. Travis-ci.org is being deprecated, so why not try moving. Just log in there, all your projects will be carried over.
Not sure if you’ll need to reconfigure hooks at Github.


Is there any update on this topic? We would love to have Qt 5.12.0 pre-installed on Windows. The current approach of using the online installer takes too much time.


Until Travis installs Qt by default, you could try to cache the Qt directory. Do note that absolute paths are not properly supported due to a bug. Additionally, we found that the cache layer is quite unreliable and might fail the build due to timeouts (not progress output).