Python 3.8 coverage needs an update

Hi all,

After running codecov with Travis CI I get this strange result that I reported in but seems to relate better to this forum:

I looked at the Travis CI coverage report using

/home/travis/virtualenv/python3.8.0/bin/coverage3 report -m

and it contains thousands of nonexisting lines:

avocado_i2n/             128     85    34%   196-200, 203-204, 208-210, 214-216, 316-1663

In particular, the missing lines 316-1663 don’t exist as the file is 221 lines long! This is strange and I don’t know if others have experienced this. Comparing with another python 3 version like 3.7 I get this correctly:

avocado_i2n/             111     13    88%   196-200, 203-204, 208-210, 214-216

So the python 3.8 coverage is adding phantom lines. I found this issue on GitHub

and highly suspect the coverage used on Travis is not up to date. Can somebody confirm this or please update it to a fixed version? Thanks a lot!

Looks like the fix was applied in March this year. I don’t know when it’s released. If the archived version is too old, the best bet is to update the tool yourself.

Thanks for your reply BanzaiMan! I never explicitly set the version and use the default one provided by Travis. I will add an extra pip line to require a specific version (5.0 works here already). Hopefully later on the default Travis installation will eventually catch up too.