Python `coverage run` not working

When running python (using a build matrix that builds simultaneously on Windows, MacOS, and Linux) and doing the following:

  - pip3 install coverage
  - coverage run

Travis will do something funky: coverage run apparently points to python3 which gives a command not found and then the build will succeed, even though the script wasn’t tested.

Currently we do not support Python on Windows.

If the job (language: python + os: windows) runs at all, it is an accident.

Whoops :man_facepalming: I’m running language:shell on that part of my matrix, if that makes any difference. Here it says that make python work on windows. Should I link to the passed-but-shouldn’t-have build?

Here’s the error that allowed the build to pass:
/c/Users/travis/.travis/functions: line 104: python3: command not found
However, using regular python workd fine on windows.