Python 3.7.3 disappear on ARM64?

Prior cron jobs were building just fine until 8 days ago.

The URL it’s trying to fetch seems to no longer exist.

Hi @djhedges,

I did some testing and arm64 still works under this configuration I have with Python 3.7.3, please look at the following:

dist: bionic
arch: arm64
language: python
    - python: 3.7.3
    - python: 3.8
    - python: 3.9
    - python: 3.11-dev
    - python: 3.11
install: skip
script: skip

Here’s an example build I just did for you:

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Hmm. That is using the Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) releases. I was testing with Debian Buster (10).

The URL it’s trying to pull that no longer exists is:

I could potentially move distros but then it would no longer align with what is current running on the hardware in the project.

Yeah so moving from buster to bionic fixes the issue. But that does mean the test environment differs from what the project is actually running. It seems like you should be able to run buster with 3.7.3.

The last successful run on buster was fetching instead of the now missing 20.04 link.