Pull source code from my on-premises GitLab server

I’ve seen a few discussions out there about gitlab and TravisCI. None of them explain why there’s no specific approach to making it possible to store my repo on my server in gitlab and just hook up some api/integration with travisCI for the build/deploy.

I think I should be able to expose a trigger to inform travisci to pull my repo and proceed with a build and a deploy.

In the age of APIs and secured connections… please, what am I missing.


This should be possible with a couple of building blocks e.g.

  1. You’ll need a GitHub repository. It could be empty and then you’ll pull your GitLab repo in your .travis.yml file.
  2. You could use our API to trigger new builds: https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/triggering-builds/. This API call could be in your post commit hook in GitLab.

I think that’s all you would need.

Hope this helps!