Problematic docker-compose version 1.23.1

Our builds have started failing due to the docker-compose version 1.23.1 containing a breaking change:

This behavior has been reverted in 1.23.2 and seems wasn’t present one week ago:

We also don’t experience this behavior locally with 1.24.x.

Try updating the package with the apt addon:

      - docker-compose

Results in a strange version number being installed as an APT package:

Setting up docker-compose (1.8.0-2~16.04.1) ...

But then seems like the version if not affected:

$ docker-compose version
docker-compose version 1.23.1, build b02f1306


Since the package is new, this means the APT version is not the one in use. Probably installed manually or through system-wide pip.

Only solution for me is to manually upgrade by adding 5 lines of boilerplate to each build: