Docker-compose missing on trusty instances

Starting somewhere around 2 days ago trusty based builds are missing docker-compose. Any ideas on why? Would adding details for an overriden/locked version of docker-compose per docs be in order?

Starting instance
✓ selected image "travis-ci-garnet-trusty-1512502259-986baf0"
✓ rendered startup script
✓ inserted instance
• sleeping 5s before checking instance insert
• polling for instance insert completion...
✓ instance is ready (7.67s)


The command "echo "${CMD}"" exited with 0.
0.10s$ if [[ "${DOCKER}" == "true" ]]; then echo "Starting Docker build job"; travis_wait 40 "${CMD}"; else bash -c "${CMD}"; fi
Starting Docker build job
Still running (1 of 40): docker-compose build
The command docker-compose build exited with 127.
docker-compose build: command not found
/home/travis/.travis/job_stages: line 375:  8812 Terminated              travis_jigger "${!}" "${timeout}" "${cmd[@]}"

Hello, is this still a problem? If so, could you include build log URL?

The issue continued, we worked around it by installing docker-compose as part of the config and removing travis_wait wrapper.

Here is a failing job.

Here is the commit that allowed us to workaround the missing binary. It was determined removing execution in travis_wait allowed the build to execute with docker-compose.

The change is not the build image, but the way we parse the commands given. We are looking for docker-compose build, it seems. We’ll take a look.