Only AMD64 Docker image is uploaded to Docker Hub despite deploying in 2 architectures

I pasted the lines from JDK and Maven missing in ARM64 - #12 by native-api in the .travis.yml but the error has not disappeared.

.travis.yml file: EinboeckManualAPI/.travis.yml at master · Fabe278/EinboeckManualAPI · GitHub
Build Output: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

Update: Now both jobs are running perfectly. But on Docker Hub, there’s still just the AMD64 image.

Here’s a cleaned-up config of yours: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence (use the links on the build page for the source).

I commented out Docker commands because I don’t have a Docker account and your build doesn’t seem to be actually using them.

Used xmlmerge to add your Maven settings since the AMD64 VM already has ~/.m2/settings.xml and by blindly overwriting it, you lose existing settings, causing your build to download all the dependencies all over again.

Also fixed errors in .travis.settings.xml.

I don’t see where and how your build uploads to Docker so can’t say why that’s not happening.

In fact, it looks like your build doesn’t upload to Docker Hub at all, and what you see at the Docker Hub is the result of your other CI integration, ci/dockercloud-stage.

Thank you for the cleaned-up version!

This is my first attempt implementing such a ci integration (for a school project) → as a matter of that there shouldn’t be any other integration which is uploading to GitHub.

I have noticed that even if I completely remove every AMD64 arch stuff maven still uploads as AMD64.

This just confirms my suspicion that it’s actually the other CI integration that uploads. Which is probably NOT what you need 'cuz where is it supposed to get the .jar to add to the image? I can bet $100 there isn’t a .jar in the image that you currently have at Docker Hub.

So it’s now your job to delete that unrelated CI integration and fix the build to actually do the uploading. E.g. googling “maven upload to docker hub”, I found an example tutorial:

I pulled the docker image an you are right → there is no .jar file in it.

I think I now what’s pushing the image into DockerHub. The (absolute shit) tutorial I made said that I have to link the Docker Repo with the GitHub Repo.

I am going to try pushing with maven tomorrow.