Private repositories cancelling jobs at 50m instead of 120m

macOS jobs for a private repository are now auto terminating for me at 50m instead of the 120m it was last week. Nothing has changed in configuration.

Is anyone experiencing this? Was this part of the new billing credits change?

We are running into the same issue. I’m not sure if it has to do with the credits system, because our first few builds on credits did pass but soon after all of them were terminated at the 50 minute mark. I have sent in a support ticket last week but not received a response yet.


Coincidentally I received a reply to my ticket just when I posted this message. It looks like they are aware and working on the issue:

Thank you for raising this up.

While we are still working on this case to be fixed, could you please tell us your repository names that you are having this issue with, I will go ahead and increase their timeout manually so that your CI workflow won’t be interrupted.


Hey guys, still experiencing this issue.

Running linux builds against a private repository still terminating at 50 minutes.

If it makes any difference or if there’s some caveat I haven’t read; I am on the Github Student Plan.

Please reach out to us from if you would like to increase your build timeout limit.