Oh no! An error occurred. The job could not be restarted

A build failed due to a network timeout, it happens from time to time checking out a subversion repo inside the docker image. I hit the restart button but I got this

Oh no!
An error occurred. The job could not be restarted.

any help?

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I see the same issue, e.g. I cannot restart the two failed jobs here:


Both are due to Error: retrieving gpg key timed out.

how are you getting the error message? I don’t see one.


I am also seeing this with my repository with this example build:

I have the same issue and am not sure of the cause or the resolution (see #4 at Build #1503 - DataQualityCommittee/dqc_us_rules - Travis CI (travis-ci.com) )

The identical test (comparing the contents of two files) passes in a different branch (v14.1)

Same problem here, I cannot restart Travis jobs any more. That is quite a problem since we have plenty of spurious failures due to network issues, and the only way to ever get all jobs green is to keep restarting the ones that fail.

Same issue here :frowning:

I’ve got the following error message for a public repo:

  "@type": "error",
  "error_type": "error",
  "error_message": "Builds have been temporarily disabled for private repositories due to a insufficient credit balance"


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Same here. Can’t restart anything!

Same here: https://travis-ci.com/github/snf4j/snf4j

So, I’ve seen several comments since OP and my own confirming this.

For my monthly fee plus credits, does anyone connected to Travis-ci ever read these boards and offer assistance, or is this purely a community support forum?

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To loop back on this, since many others are having the issue. I made contact with Travis CI support through another channel. It seems that in my case the credit card on the account had expired. Since this “on no” error message is completely useless with absolutely no information about what the problem is, you might want to verify that your account is in good standing.

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This happened for us as we hadn’t selected a plan yet. Travis Support quickly clarified that to me. Selecting the Free Plan, I can now restart the job.

Obviously, a terrible error message…


I am having this same problem on a free, open-source, account:


Cannot restart any jobs. I get: “Oh no! An error occurred. The job could not be restarted.”

Opening up the netwrok tab in the developer tools, I see that the API responds with a 403 and this JSON:

  "@type": "error",
  "error_type": "error",
  "error_message": "Builds have been temporarily disabled for private repositories due to a insufficient credit balance"

…but this is absolutely a free account (Free Plan). Clearly Travis has broken something.

I have created a support request with Travis and referenced this thread in my message to them.

Maybe related, maybe not, I can’t start any builds on my public repo : request refused :confused:

I got a response from Travis support:

Hello Karl,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We will be happy to assist you.

It looks like you have not selected any valid plan for your organization K-and-R . You need to select either a free or paid plan for your organization to use this service, you can select valid plan from this page[1]. Hope this will help.

[1] Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence


However, I most definitely was on a Free Plan already and verifed this before sending the support email. After receiving the email, I checked the plan again and found the K-and-R organization on …NO PLAN?! So, it looks like someone removed me from my Free Plan and then sent that email.

After re-selecting the Free Plan, I am now able to successfully trigger rebuilds for my jobs.

So, it looks like the solution is to:

  1. Ensure that you have selected one of the available plans. (it is absolutely possible to have an account and be able to log into Travis and have jobs build without being on any of the available plans)
  2. If you still cannot trigger rebuilds, email Travis support (from your project page, click “Help” in the top nav, then fill in the support form at the bottom) and have them surreptitiously deactivate your current plan so that you can re-select a plan.
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