PostgreSQL 11.1

Are we finally getting PostgreSQL 11 on xenial environments now?


I see plenty open topics related to PG 11 in this community. It still seems to be a hot question that not yet solved properly.

Is there a single consolidated story about supporting this version?
Also, a followup question, how can we follow the progress on this topic? Does Travis have an open and transparent channel to share news about supported services and their versions? Documentation seems to be outdated.



It seems like this is the intended location for follow-ups on PostgreSQL 11 on Xenial, per this GitHub comment! Iā€™m also curious about support for it, since when I tried the workarounds listed in various other threads, I ended up struggling to implement them in a neat way. For now Iā€™m just using Postgres 10 in my Travis environment instead, since Iā€™m not using any 11-specific features.

(Since PostgreSQL 12 has also been out for a bit now ā€“ October 2019 ā€“ are there any plans to add support for that, too?)