Please update the R version used for R release to R 4.1.0

@jimhester, @jeroen
With the following in .travis.config

language: r
  - release

we get R 4.0.2.

The command

sudo add-apt-repository -y "ppa:marutter/rrutter4.0"

would suggest that we are using the latest R version from Michaels repository. However, later, R is fetched using

curl -fLo /tmp/r-4.0.2_1_amd64.deb$(lsb_release -rs | tr -d '.')/pkgs/r-4.0.2_1_amd64.deb

and later installed using gdebi.

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Try sending a PR to travis-build/r.rb at master · travis-ci/travis-build · GitHub

Ah, thanks for the pointer! I just sent a PR

The CI of the PR failed, but while looking at the script I found that I can set the R version explicitly in my travis config, substituting 4.1.0 for release.

I guess accepting the PR is OK, as the CI failure seems to be caused by something else.

I agree 4.0.2 is too old as a release version. The current stable R version is 4.1.2. The release version should be automatically detected and the latest stable version should be installed. I do not know how to make it as a PR. I will try to understand the script.