Package build failure on R-devel, some packages need to be reinstalled using R 4.0.0

@jeroen, @jimhester Do I just need to wait or can I do something about this?

You should delete your package cache

Ah, didnt’t know I could! Thanks a lot!

@jimhester, @jeroen:

R 4.0.0 is released, I get a similar issue on r-release now,

which persists even after deleting all package cache entries in

and restarting the build.

@jeroen, @jimhester:

OK, I believe the marutter repos for r-release need to be updated

sudo add-apt-repository -y “ppa:marutter/rrutter3.5”

sudo add-apt-repository -y “ppa:marutter/c2d4u3.5”

to their 4.0 variants. No idea how far c2d4u is though, as I am not using it normally.

I am getting same behavior, no cache. Any updates or advice? Just wait?

I was able to work around this by not using the binary package r-cran-covr which I had included earlier in my travis config:

Otherwise, I think @jeroen or @jimhester have to update the marutter repos for R 4.0.

Same problem here. Can somebody post here when the issue is resolved?

I think this should be resolved, I didn’t know Dirk has the r-travis repo…

Yeah, the build seems to add the correct ppa. I guess now we just have to wait for binary packages to get built.