PHP nightly outdated


The php-nightly build has the following build date: Dec 28 2018 07:16:30
and is therefore missing the typed properties feature that has been merged to master yesterday.


Could you please update the php-nightly build, and check why it’s outdated?


Looks like apcu 5.1.16 is failing to compile against the nightly. Until it’s fixed, the nightly will not be updated. (

apcu compatibility with PHP master is fixed, but not released yet. Before apcu failed to compile it was the redis extension. That’s also fixed, but probably not released.

Getting 3rd party PHP extensions to compile against PHP master is pretty much a losing battle. They always become compatible eventually, but it’s a shame to lose nightly builds for long periods of time, because one or the other extension is not compatible with current master.

I’ve submitted an alternative solution to this problem here: We ignore extension build failures for the nightly builds. If an extension builds, that’s great. Otherwise we will build PHP without it.

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@BanzaiMan Still no update here? The nightly build is almost 6 weeks old now.
Could you please consider merging @nikic’s pull request?

The nightly builds are currently failing for a different reason. See

I’ll comment on the PR separately.

Nightly build is “Fixed” but GD is missing and my tests are breaking… Guess I’ll make a new thread

It’s back to a working state.

@jnvsor php-nightly does not include extensions now, see:

It would be nice to add another build, that would contain the extensions but may be outdated if any of them fails to build, as I suggested here:

If you like the idea, feel free to create a new thread and make it yours.