PHP 7.4snapshot out of date

Hi there!

Could you please update the PHP 7.4snapshot to the latest version from GIT? There are several issues (just like in 7.4snapshot and nightly out of date) that prevent other dependent extension tests from passing (such as on


Sorry about the troubles. Somehow our curl invocation was problematic. is expected to resolve the issue.

It may take up to 24 hours or more until the new archive becomes available for use.

Compilation is failing.

So install libargon-dev?

We’ve reverted the pkg-config requirement for libargon2 upstream (, as support seems to be less good than expected. Hopefully the next build will go through.

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As 7.4.0alpha1 is now released, I think it makes sense to start sticking to the alpha releases, instead of just a “snapshot”?

The last 7.4snapshot build on xenial succeeded:

The trusty build failed.

I’ve opened to fix the trusty build.

Just for the record, builds for all version and all distros has been green the past few days, so everything should be up to date now.

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7.4snapshot is not updated since last build: Sep 3 2019 10:28, is this normal?

Sorry about that. I’ll look into it. should fix this now.

The resulting archives will be available for use within 24 hours. If the problem persists after that, do let me know.

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PHP 7.4RC1 is now available. Is it possible to have that as a target too?

PHP 7.4RC3 is already out and 7.4RC4 will be coming this week. Any chance we can have 7.4 as a target for the latest RC?

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We need appropriate RC* definitions in in order to build them.

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