PHP can't use SSL?

There was a report that PHP cannot use SSL/TLS with php’s curl. Normal curl does work.

The error: string(76) "gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received."

any fixes?

What version of PHP are you using? Seems like you might be using an older version in your build?

Our binaries are compiled using GitHub - php-build/php-build: Builds PHP so that multiple versions can be used side by side. with our build process shown in GitHub - travis-ci/php-src-builder: Builds php/php-src with php-build and uploads artifacts to S3 (in particular php-src-builder/compile at default · travis-ci/php-src-builder · GitHub).

The process needs to be updated (either via php-build or via our compile script), but I have very few ideas as to how to make that happen.

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that makes sense, I’ll switch php versions, thanks @montana

Glad I could help!