PHP 7.4 release

Hello, Travis team. PHP 7.4 was released and it would be awesome to have it in the versions available.



Hello, I’d like to see PHP 7.4 support on Travis, too.
Thank you!

At the moment, we are unable to offer 7.4.0 because the utility we use to compile PHP is not yet updated for it. They are having difficulties, and I’m sure they would appreciate your help.

See, for example:

Actually, looks like we have a working PHP 7.4 on Xenial and Bionic. Please test it.

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Works on Xenial.

@BanzaiMan is there a plan to have it on Trusty?

You can try the result of in a day’s time.

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Trusty works well. Thanks!

It does not work if you require php-gd.


There is also missing ext-json: The requested PHP extension ext-json ^1.5 has the wrong version (7.4.0) installed. Install or enable PHP's json extension.

Your composer.json is complaining, the extension is there, only with a different numeric version.

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for missing extensions, please use

Tried Trusty again, but it’s no longer working. :-/

Any input on fixing this is welcome.

My pull has just been merged. Some issues on Mac are still occurring but it’s building on linux.