PHP 8.3 support

PHP 8.3 has been released nearly 3 weeks ago now, and there is still no support for it from Travis-CI.

I wrote to support over a month ago, but despite several reminders all I got was an acknowledgment that “engineers are looking into the availability of the latest PHP” with no ETA.

So I’m asking here too, in the hope of giving this a bit more visibility as I’m sure we’re not the only project that would like to be able to test their code against the latest PHP release. Maybe some community pressure will help things moving forward…


Hi @dregad,

PHP 8.3 will be available very soon, I will keep you updated as we push the image live.

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PHP 8.3.0 works with bionic now.

Sample here:

The package seems to be missing the zlib extension, see Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

@Montana thanks for the update, but sadly, it does not seem to be the case…

@dregad Right now, specifying 8.3 does not work, you have to specify 8.3.0
Which is less than optimal, since the most recent version is 8.3.2

Yes I noticed that too, thanks.

But the 8.3 alias should still work as documented, even if it points to 8.3.0 until they actually manage to build the 8.3.1 and 8.3.2 releases.


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@Montana Is it possible to reintegrate the zlib extension?

For the record, PHP 8.3 builds are working now (for me at least :wink:), since end of January.

Sorry I forgot to post an update in this thread.

Composer install is now broken for some repositories: some of them require zlib to be able to extract the downloaded packages.