PHP 8.0 Missing

Can 8.0 be added to point to 8.0.0rc1 and 8.1 to point to nightly?


FYI, packages for Ubuntu are already available at As of today no xdebug extension yet.

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I’ve managed to build PHP 8.0snapshot binaries for recent Ubuntu releases:

They are available for use now.

Some further tweaking may be necessary.

I don’t think the tooling can cope with versions that can’t be built with php-build.

It seems new snapshots for 8.0snapshot aren’t being generated. Using 8.0snapshot on Travis gives PHP 8.0.0-dev (cli) (built: Oct 23 2020 16:16:10) ( ZTS ) while using nightly gives PHP 8.0.0-dev (cli) (built: Oct 29 2020 12:53:20) ( ZTS ).

What is the recommended why to use PHP8 RC via travis-ci? “nightly”, “8.0snapshot”,…? Is there something like “8.0rc3”?

We rely on php-build to compile the binary archive. My understanding is that they have chosen not to support pre-releases. See

php-build would accept prs to add rc3

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php-build is also looking for funding, if travis would like to help with that.

PHP 8.0 has been released last Thursday. What is the current status of PHP 8 in Travis CI? This build, for example, seems to break because PHP 8 is not available.

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Also wondering about PHP 8 support, also getting The command "phpenv global 8.0" failed and exited with 1 during . when trying to build with PHP 8.

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Seems like PHP 8 is on the way with php-build:

Thank you for your response! I was going to contribute a PHP 8 definition to php-build but I see that it has already been implemented by the PR linked by @olssonm, which was merged just 13 hours ago.

I’m not familiar enough with php-build or with Travis’ tooling, is there anything I can do to help speed things up or is it simply a matter of time now before PHP 8.0 will become available in Travis CI builds?

Hmm. The 8.0.0 compilation is failing due to excessive logging, most of it attributed to extensions.

For Mongo


reduces log levels and succeeds to build the archive.

Sorry, the -q flag that I thought would do the trick is not recognized, so acpu and mongodb (maybe others?) were not actually installed on the archive.

I’ve removed it and am now trying it again.

I’ve addressed the issues with tooling, and to the best of my knowledge php: 8.0.0 should work.


There is an issue with the 8.0 archive, so that will be addressed next week.


I can confirm that 8.0 works today. Thank you!

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