Perl 5.28 not available on bionic

My build is failing because is not available. 5.26 and 5.30, however, are working just fine.

Additionally, the documentation page for bionic does not have a section about Perl version support.

In combination with For `dist: bionic`, Xenial VM is used instead with `language: perl`, Perl looks unsupported for Bionic.

Oh, I see. There is a tooling issue and 5.28 is not available yet. 5.28.2 should be.

I’ll look into the tooling problem in the near future.

Seeing the same thing as GPHemsley. Could I see your failed build logs? I’ve having the opposite result though.

This the most concerning part to me is the environment’s version setup steps are not failing the build when it encounters install errors.

5.28 is missing Ok, but then it goes on to test 5.26.

I can’t get 5.28.2 to work either.

Downloading archive:
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
$ sudo tar xjf perl-5.28.2.tar.bz2 --directory /
tar (child): perl-5.28.2.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file or directory

Indeed, it appears to go on to use the default installed Perl (5.26.1) when the installation of 5.28 fails – except this doesn’t kill the build. My build only fails for a different reason:

Looks like this is fixed now!