Failure with Perl 5.16, 5.18 & 5.20

Using the following config:

language: perl

  • “5.16”
  • “5.18”
  • “5.18-shrplib”
  • “5.20”
  • “5.20-shrplib”
  • “5.22”
  • “5.22-shrplib”
  • “5.24”
  • “5.24-shrplib”
  • “5.26”
  • “5.26-shrplib”
    os: linux
    dist: xenial

The image fetches the necessary Perl tarball, but cannot untar it. Germane portion of build log:

5.20 is not installed; attempting download
Downloading archive:
$ sudo tar xjf perl-5.20.tar.bz2 --directory /
bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now


We do not compile these for Xenial. If you need these Perl versions, please use Trusty.

Well, this limitation isn’t documented. It should probably be added to the Perl language page and the Xenial page within the documentation.

Agreed. It would seem appropriate to provide some instructions on how to set up a Trusty environment to continue testing pre-5.22 Perl versions.

Or does such documentation already exist, and maybe it just needs to be linked?

It needs to be added here.

Is it that 5.21+ works on xenial?

5.22 seems to be the default on xenial.

We probably need to check exactly which versions are available on Xenial unless someone at Travis CI can tell us.

We do not build odd releases of Perl, generally speaking.

Any interested parties can submit a PR documenting available Perl versions. You can discover them the same way I did for Python in

Note that your PR is still unmerged :slight_smile: