Nightly: GD is missing

Nightly hadn’t been updated since december. Now that it has been GD is missing.

Partial diff of php -i:

@@ -254,6 +251,25 @@ ftp
FTP support => enabled
FTPS support => enabled


{+GD Support => enabled+}
{+GD Version => bundled (2.1.0 compatible)+}
{+FreeType Support => enabled+}
{+FreeType Linkage => with freetype+}
{+FreeType Version => 2.5.2+}
{+GIF Read Support => enabled+}
{+GIF Create Support => enabled+}
{+JPEG Support => enabled+}
{+libJPEG Version => 8+}
{+PNG Support => enabled+}
{+libPNG Version => 1.2.50+}
{+WBMP Support => enabled+}
{+XBM Support => enabled+}

{+Directive => Local Value => Master Value+}
{+gd.jpeg_ignore_warning => 1 => 1+}


GetText Support => enabled

What’s GD? If it’s an extension, we’ve removed it (along with all others) from the nightly builds. See

GD is a standard PHP extension (see ), used to work with images.
At we can only see changes for these other extensions: amqp, apcu, memcache, memcached, mongo, mongodb, redis, ssh2, zmq

GD is a bundled extension. However in PHP 7.4 many ./configure options have changed due to an (ongoing) migration to pkg-config. A list of all changes is available here:

This means that a different configure line will have to be used for PHP 7.4 and master. In this particular case it’s --enable-gd instead of --with-gd, but other changes are probably necessary as well.

I have submitted a pull request to fix this issue:


Sorry for the inconvenience, just to be sure: today is it impossible to test a branch using php-nightly because of the missing --enable-gd in php configure command? I mean, until you figure out how to make php-src-builder work with 7.4, all Travis CI tests with php-nightly will fail? Is it?