Negative credits on Travis-CI impede further testing

@ararslan @staticfloat @StefanKarpinski

After an update, the travis-build for testing succesfully terminated but the building of documentation has been canceled due to a negative credit balance (see Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence ).

Apparently I had 10000 credits (no idea what these are), of which 10060 have been used (thus I have -60 negative credits). Is this an issue which concerns only me or is an issue for all those developing open sourse software for Julia?

I woudl appreciate any hint on how to proceed further to continue with using Travis-CI for software projects for Julia. I wonder now if I have to get rid of the testing facilities provided via Travis.

Many thanks for your attention,
Andreas Varga

Thanks for the reply. Yes, probably many authors ignored (like me), the information received from Travis-CI in November. Fortunately, I succeded unexpectedly fast to move to Github Actions, also using some clever tools which made a very good job for me, see
[MassInstallAction.]l](GitHub - julia-actions/MassInstallAction.jl: Quickly and easily install a GitHub Action on all repositories in a GitHub organization) .