"Negative credit balance" error despite having credits available

All my builds have been disabled, and https://travis-ci.com/github/hugovk/cpython-builder/builds/197082609 had been my only build today… I’ve no idea where this “negative credit balance” is:

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we have the same issue on our builds for https://travis-ci.com/github/superdesk

Same here, for a public project: https://travis-ci.com/github/alv-ch/alv-portal/builds/197126820
The links are broken too, only errors are being displayed.

I don’t know why, but the banner has disappeared for me now and two cron builds have run.

They took ~133 min on Linux, and used 1,490 credits. That’s basically 15% of the monthly quota in just 2 builds.

What are “OSS only credits” and how can I get them?

This change has also caused us problems, with our main CI tests no longer running. Yesterday our nightly build and a few builds for PRs (busier day than usual, and the high credit cost for macOS builds hurt) put us at -7k credits.

Yesterday I sent support a request for OSS only credits that should last for a number of months. I have yet to hear back on the request, so in addition to the hassle of submitting a request periodically it seems there could be down time until they get around to reviewing a request, a process that takes an unknown amount of time, and may or may not be approved.

If the issue isn’t resolved soon I’m guessing we’ll have to disable the requirement for Travis CI tests passing to merge new changes (yay breaking things), and/or move our builds elsewhere.

same problem for us today and support email don’t reply since 3 days, this is becoming a real blocker for us and we are thinking to migrate CI tests somewhere else

same issue.
can someone from support answer?!?!?!?

The same problem with my OSS projects and without any support. So switching to Github Actions.