My rust releases builds are not pushed to GitHub releases

On I’m trying to have Travis generate mult-platform releases.
My .travis.yml file is there

To perform a release, as of today, I run cargo release.

When doing so, a tag is put on my repository, the release is pushed to, and a build is triggered on travis.
I expect that build to push release artifacts to GitHub (thanks to the deploy job).
Unfortunatly, even if the deploy task is indicated as finishing correctly, nto the slightest artifact is pushed on GitHub releases.

What am i doing wrong ? And how can I fix that ?

Specifying verbose: true under deploy: should give more information on what is happening.

In particular, draft: true looks suspicious. Docs say that draft releases are only visible to collaborators.

${GITHUB_OAUTH} is another suspect. .travis.yml is parsed by a specific library, not by Bash, that might not support this syntax of variable substitution.

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