"missing token" on attempt to deploy to Github releases

I’m wrestling with Travis (great tool btw), making an attempt to deploy to Github releases.

I basically was following this tutorial https://dev.to/hawkinjs/leveraging-travis-ci-for-continuous-deployment-to-publish-compiled-binaries-to-github-2k06

From the Travis dashboard I see, that build and test was OK for all targets. But Travis has some problems with my .travis.yml. There is this “unknown key api_token”, which concerns me:

According to the tutorial and some other sources I saw, this is the proper way to configure the github token, or is it not?

  - provider: releases
    skip_cleanup: true
      tags: true
      condition: "$TRAVIS_RUST_VERSION = stable"
      branch: master
    file: target/release/camtest
      secure: "my_secret_token_obtained_from_travis_encrypt"


We cannot vouch for accuracy and up-to-dateness of 3rd-party tutorials.

The official documentation on deployment to Github Releases is:

The thing that gives users the most trouble with Github Releases deployment is that Github requires the commit associated with a Releases deployment to be tagged. Keep this fact in mind when reading the documentation.

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Yes, thanks. I totally forgot about this. Meanwhile I have dropped Travis in favour of Github actions.