Move deleted tags from "Active Branches" to "Inactive Branches"


I understood from the discussions around the issue #4889 from Tavis Github repo that separating the tags builds from the “Branches” overview tab is not that simple. But there seem to be a difference between the handling of deleted Branches - that are listed under “Inactive Branches” (by the way you promised you are going to change that to “Deleted branches” to better reflect the meaning of the list; it would be nice to make that change) and the handling of the tags. If tags and releases are removed from the GitHub repo, that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the Travis build overview.

Could you at least apply the same criteria for the tags as you are applying for the branches so that the ones that are no longer available on Github (because they have been deleted) are listed under “Inactive Branches” section?



There’s a DeleteEvent notifying on tag deletions, so this should be possible.

Note that its description says that “You will not receive a webhook for this event when you delete more than three tags at once.”