Github tag creation doesn't trigger job

Creating a tag on the github website for a given project doesn’t seem to trigger a job run. I’m not creating the tag locally and pushing it as part of a commit, but creating the tag on the actual website under “releases”.

My travis.yml looks like

    - stage: test
      - echo "tests here"
    - stage: deploy
      if: tag IS present
      - echo "tag handler here"

I’ve also tried this with

tag: true

I notice that for my project’s history no tag creation on the has every triggered a job run, only commits seem to do that. Is this normal?

Could you elaborate on what you are actually doing? I don’t see any option to create a tag by itself without creating a new release. If I create a new release, I see that a new build is triggered.

Sorry for the lack of clarity, by tag I meant tag+release as yes, github merges them into a single create function.

This is the build history of the project in question :
All the builds there are for commits though, none for tag/release creation. Have I set the project up incorrectly?

You named your tag test but that name is not included in the list of permitted branches, so the build request is rejected. See

Ah, I didn’t realize that tag names also counted as branches. Thanks.

Thanks again, got it building on all tags, though it meant removing the

branches :

rule. Is it possible to keep

    - master	
    - develop

while at the same time allowing it to build all tags within those branches?

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