Missing output from Windows Powershell scripts (C++ / Qt project)

I have a modestly complex C++ project that requires Qt, Freetype, and FTGL. The Windows version is proving tricky, but after some experimentation on local Docker containers I was able to get a build script to:

  • Download and install Qt silently
  • Download and build Freetype 2.10.1
  • Download and build FTGL (which requires Freetype)
  • Finally, build my project (Dissolve)

However, getting this to work in the (admittedly early-stage) Windows VMs within Travis has proven to be incredibly problematic.

I have a sequence of Powershell scripts to tackle different parts of the build (Qt, prerequisites, Freetype build etc.) independently, but I am getting failures in the Freetype section. I seem to get output from only selected commands in the related ps1 script in the Travis logs. The last failed job can be found here: https://travis-ci.com/trisyoungs/dissolve/jobs/264225354

I feel like I’m close to a working Windows build, but must be missing something obvious, and without debug builds on Windows systems at the present time, determining the exact cause of my build issue is tricky. I have no encrypted secrets in my Travis repo setting, nor the yml file (removed these a while ago in order to debug my OSX build).

Any hints would be gratefully received at this point!


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